Let’s make it happen!

Dear friends!

38 % funded and 18 days to go! Which means that there is still a chance to get monday. entrepreneur’s notebook. funded! If you’ve been thinking of contributing or sharing the link to the project with your friends and colleagues now is the best moment 🙂

Again, thank you all so much for your support. Let’s make these last 18 days count!

A link to campaign: http://igg.me/at/lovemonday/x/11636457

Have a great week!


5 Perfect Gifts Under 50$ for Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

1 – Book. When choosing a new life path everybody needs specific knowledge, inspiration and motivation which can be found in business books. Click here and check some great titles.


2 – Huge cup. First steps in business are very time-consuming. That’s why it’s so cool to have a big cup which will help you to stay hydrated for a longer period.


3 – Music. Good music keeps us motivated and gives us energy. That’s what an entrepreneur needs! Spotify premium membership sounds like a good option.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.39.44

4 – Whiteboard and dry-erase markers. A simple thing which is very helpful for any kind of brainstorms and team meetings.


5 – Paper notebook. Entrepreneurs are constantly coming up with new creative ideas and need a way to write them down on the go. They need a notebook only for business projects. A tool where business plans, ideas and thoughts are not mixed with grocery shopping lists, travelling plans and other notes. monday. entrepreneur’s notebook. is a great option. It has a special structure which is helpful for entrepreneurs, the notebook looks and feels great. Click here to pre-order monday. entrepreneur’s notebook., it is a very meaningful present.



Many people think that Monday is the worst day of the week . Monday has a bad reputation, but, believe me, the first day of the week can be awesome. It is possible to love Mondays and make the whole week much more fulfilling.

  1. Do what you love. After the weekend, you will feel energised to face new challenges, meet interesting people. When you feel excited about what you are doing every day brings you closer to achieving your goals.
  2. Make a fresh start. Treat Monday like a New Year’s day which comes every week. It feels like a fresh start, a perfect day for trying something new. Monday gives you a blank page to write a story of this week.
  3. Wake up with a smile. That really works! Smiling gives a signal to your brain that something good is happening and it’s definitely is.
  4. Share your positive attitude. The more we share, the more we get ourselves. By being nice to people who surround you, you’ll make their Monday better. Smile, encourage, help others and it will make you feel good vibes.
  5. Write down your priorities. It’s a start of the week and we want to do everything at once, sometimes more things than we are capable of. That’s why it’s so important to write down your Monday priorities in advance. Scientists proved that taking notes by hands is better for long-term comprehension, so don’t forget to write all important things in your notebook. You may find helpful doing it on Friday and then just add some points or just relax during a weekend. It is very important to have a decent tool for that. If you have your own business or thinking of starting one check monday. entrepreneur’s notebook. which is now available for pre-order (http://igg.me/at/lovemonday/x/11636457). It’s a perfect paper notebook created for entrepreneurs – it has a unique subtle structure, looks and feels great, so you will be proud to keep your thoughts there.

Today is a big Monday! monday. entrepreneur’s notebook. is on indiegogo.com

Dear friends,

I wanted to let you know that I’ve just released my monday. entrepreneur’s notebook. project on Indiegogo.


I really want to bring the notebook to livee, but I need your help to do it.

I’ve set a target of raising $8,000 in 40 days.

That means I really, really need your help. You know how passionate I am about this. I’ve got some great rewards on offer in exchange for pledges. They include notebooks and great eco bags with “keep writing” print.

It would be amazing if you could lend your support and help me get my project off the ground. This means a lot to me.

Please, share the link to this campaign to people you know. May be, it will turn out that it’s exactly a product somebody is searching for. I would really appreciate that!



What is the difference between monday. entrepreneur’s notebook. and other notebooks?

Yesterday one blogger asked me this question and I’ve decided to sum up here some key points from previous blog posts 😉

First of all, monday. entrepreneur’s notebook. is a tool where your business plans, ideas and thoughts are not mixed with grocery shopping lists, travelling plans and other also important notes. You use this notebook only for your business projects. This notebook has a specialisation – it’s created for people who identify themselves with entrepreneurial world, just like, for example, travellers who buy special travellers notebooks and feel like a part of a certain community.

The notebook has a special structure which is helpful for entrepreneurs but doesn’t put any strict frames:

– 8 pages with table of contents which you create yourself by adding page numbers & a title. This feature helps you to keep important notes in order, put related topics under one project. Having table of contents also allows you to structure your notes better and make them easy to find.

– each page has a place for a title – you can put here a name of your idea, project, plan, to do list for the week, a list of business books you want to read, etc. One page is a place for one piece of content – that allows you to add more notes to the topic later. The principle one page = one piece of content makes your notes more visual and meaningful. You will not be lost in notes on various topics stuffed on one page.

– a place for a page number – the number itself you add yourself. We did that because pages have perforation and you can pull out a page if you want, for example, to share it with somebody. So, by adding the page numbers ourselves the consistency will not be lost

– inspiring business quotes which I’ve been carefully choosing for among numerous quotes. I’ve picked up only those quotes which were truly inspiring and motivational for me. 

The notebook looks and feels great, so you will be proud to keep your business-related notes in it.

Finally, the notebook can be a great motivational tool for people who have many business ideas, talk about them but the ideas somehow get lost and it doesn’t go any further. In this case getting monday. entrepreneur’s notebook. and writing down your thoughts can be the first step into turning your dreams into great projects. You feel that you have your special storage and it’s waiting for your big ideas 🙂

Ready to go!!

I have huuuuuuge news 🙂

1.    http://www.lovemonday.biz/ has got a brand new look. Now you can find there all important information on monday. entrepreneur’s notebook. I also encourage you to sign up and be the first to know about the start of crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. We are working on making this page as attractive and easy to use as possible, all your suggestions are very welcome 😉

2.   The film is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just go to http://www.lovemonday.biz/ and find it on the main page. I’m so excited to hear what you think of it.

So, everything is ready for crowd funding campaign which will star on Indiegogo very soon.

I’m sure, that most of you know some smart, creative people who are thinking of working on their own projects and wondering where to start. As for me, I definitely have such friends. Don’t hesitate to share this project with them. Encourage your friends to start writing down their business ideas and thoughts in a tool that motivates, inspires, and simply looks and feels great 😉

monday. entrepreneur’s notebook. is also a must have for all entrepreneurs who already have their own businesses and projects. They will be proud to keep all entrepreneurial notes in this premium paper notebook created especially for entrepreneurs. 🙂

Stay tuned ❤

It’s coming!

As I promised, in this blog post I will tell you more about monday. entrepreneur’s notebook. crowd funding video.

There will be 4 main stories, which will tell you the philosophy of monday. entrepreneur’s notebook., show you its high quality and tell you the reason why it’s a must have tool for all entrepreneurs.

One of the stories is about an owner of a charming bistro who writes down his business ideas and plans.


In the same bistro you will  meet a girl who’s business ideas came up thanks to ink and paper.


You will also be able to see how monday. entrepreneur’s notebook. is being created. You will see how precise is production process of this premium product.


And, finally, you will see me asking you to become a part of this project and a happy owner of monday. entrepreneur’s nootebook. 😉


Very soon the final video will be uploaded to monday. entrepreneur’s notebook.  brand new website (www.lovemonday.biz) which is also coming very soon. Stay tuned ❤

Film, film, film.

Every crowd funding film should have a film, that’s what they say on all crowd funding websites. The film should tell the story and idea of your product, inspire people, show them how this product could change their lives.

I watched many great crowd funding films, made some notes on what my film should be like. When the prototype of monday. entrepreneur’s notebook was almost ready, I’ve started searching for an agency or an individual film maker who would create a film for my product.

Crowd funding is now making its first steps in Poland, there are several local platforms which are becoming more and popular. Despite that, as it turned out, it’s still very hard to find somebody who will be able to help you to make an impactful film and at the same time understand specifics of crowd funding videos.

I was asking, googling, calling, meeting different people.  Nobody in Warsaw had any experience with crowdfunding films, so I had to make a decision based on other types of videos they made. It also took some time to find a person to write a script.

There is an old Russian cartoon called “Film, film, film”, it has no words so everybody will understands it. It shows in a very funny way how hard it is to make a film. And I can confirm that this film is so true, even if you are not making a hollywood movie, but a crowd funding video 😉

Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdwSmmXU6JM

All scenes for the crowd funding video for monday. entrepreneur’s notebook. are already filmed. Now it’s time for montage – choosing best parts, adding sound and music. I promise to tell you more about it in the next blog posts. Stay tuned ❤

Look at me.

You have, probably, noticed that monday. entrepreneur’s notebook. has a brand new cover image and saw some instagram posts with its pictures. Recently the notebook had it first real photoset experience 🙂

Now you can see how a real product looks like and how proud you would feel to keep your business ideas, thoughts and plans in it 😉

monday 009

monday 011

monday 020

monday 016

monday 018

monday 022

Let me know how you like the result!

Very soon monday. entrepreneur’s notebook. will star in a crowd funding film. Stay tuned ❤

All photos by Ola Cywińska.

Smart structure, no limits

While working on monday. entrepreneur’s notebook I looked through dozens of paper notebooks which belong to enterprising people. It became clear for me that creative minds don’t want to be locked into a detailed structure. Though, it would be really helpful to have some almost invisible frames which would help to organise their thoughts, like in a book. That is  how the idea was born – to make  monday. entrepreneur’s notebook a book of your thought, plans and ideas. You can check how it works on the graphics below 🙂

ikonki_LvM 2B WHITE

If you have missed a post with a link to the whole notebook, here you go – just click on the notebook below and it will open in a new tab 😉